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Why “A Pomegranate”?

The pomegranate is a metaphor for all we hold dear: steeped in myth, the fruit is associated with creation, fertility and fortune. It’s a fairly ugly knobbly thing on the outside, but a thing of beauty inside. Split it open, and it is loaded with shining, plump, delectable seeds that energize you with anti-oxidants. That’s what we look for when we dissect and explore your research objectives – the unique secret that lies inside, an energizing force that drives success, a fruitful strategy to connect with your consumers. Plus, we wanted to be a singular example of our breed – a brand research consultancy that delivers very specific, very actionable, very useful information to our clients.  As a result, we put the “A” before the “P” … and the rest is history.


  • Qualitative


    Data may give you information, but Qualitative research reveals the insights and the reasons behind them. Good research is a balance between art and science. Nothing beats the visceral impact of seeing your consumers in the flesh, and hearing them react frankly to your questions in focus groups. While your team collaborates and gains alignment behind the glass, readying them for the analysis that brings a sharper strategy for the road ahead.

  • Crowdsourcing & Co-Creation

    Crowdsourcing & Co-Creation

    When a two-hour conversation is not enough, you can get even deeper insights and understandings from a longer, more reflective conversation held in an online blog format held over a number of days. Participants are relaxed and exceptionally open in their own homes, allowing for unequaled authenticity and sharing. We engage with your alpha consumers to crowdsource ideas, or co-create new products, positionings or advertising.

  • Mixed Methodologies

    Mixed Methodologies

    When the world around you is changing and you want to prepare to compete in an evolving market, a mixed methodology is often best. We might recommend a combination of In Depth Individual Interviews (IDI’s) with experts, secret shopping, consumer ethno-graphies, focus groups, and online Quant studies to give you a comprehensive picture.

  • Expert Analysis

    Expert Analysis

    We can be very nimble. We tailor the methodology to your individual challenges, objectives, segments and budgets. We offer personal service and customized research design. Then we apply sharp analytical skills and story-telling to boil it all down to digestible conclusions that inform the future for all your stakeholders.


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