Research Services We design a specific methodology to suit your needs.

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We use traditional, non-traditional and forward-thinking market research methods to evolve creative concepts in meaningful ways. In this over-cluttered and increasingly fickle environment of brands and relationships, sharp strategies ensure your message breaks through. Our work is aimed at supporting great creative work, not killing it.

Crowdsourcing | Co-creation

We collaborate with client and agency teams, and then engage alpha consumers in online blog research and communities to crowdsource or co-create new products and advertising campaigns.

Qual | Quant Concept | Product Testing

Big data may still rule as the king of the large-scale market research business.  But new Internet-based research techniques give dynamic options for concept/product testing  – including the ability to collect statistically valid data that also has valuable Qualitative insights.

Quantitative Concept | Product Testing

Internet-based testing of creative or product concepts that allows statistically valid predictions of concept performance, in terms of clarity, interest, impact and consumer engagement.

Quantitative Pre | Post Wave Advertising Measurement 

Measurement and tracking of campaign memorability and impact.

Custom Experiential Stimuli | Projective and Analytical Techniques

Positioning hypotheses, values pyramids, image sorts, customized group exercises etc., all developed to meet the unique needs of your research project.


Much of our work is in assisting the development of communications strategies. We are experienced in evaluating positioning, messaging, names, logos and language frameworks. In other words, developing the visual and semantic “tool kit” in ways that can help promote brand consistency and marketing impact.

New Product Development

We are also experienced in developing, testing and optimizing new products or product extensions as well as defining new product opportunities.

Market Exploration

Assessing market evolution and new market opportunities, as well as uncovering and/or targeting new audiences.

Client | Customer Engagement

We conduct research to identify the triggers that drive preference, satisfaction, loyalty and ultimately advocacy for brands and companies. Co-creation is often instrumental in achieving higher levels of customer/client engagement.

Product | Brand Architecture

Obtaining insights to develop and refine product/brand architecture with a strategy to drive purchase and growth.