It’s pretty scary when new technology seems to threaten the future of a whole industry. Especially when the companies marketing it are giants with huge existing customer bases. Traditional companies worry about how they can compete as the ground starts to shift beneath them. In this case, they made an intelligent move, commissioning A Pomegranate to investigate the potential threat fully and develop a new positioning to connect with their audience.

In this case it was a national network of local Security companies facing a competitive threat from massive cable and phone companies pitching new Smarthome security solutions. We developed a research methodology comprising Expert Interviews, Mystery Shopping, and Focus Groups.

The process uncovered insights into the competitive offerings, their strengths and weaknesses, together with an understanding of consumer needs and attitudes, from which we created a powerful new positioning for our clients. The resulting insights and recommendations were presented to the Annual Board Meeting, providing member companies with valuable clarity on how to compete and grow in the new landscape.

Services used:

  • Consumer & Business Focus Groups
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Expert & Specialist IDI’s