Creating differentiation is often challenging, especially in the service industries. But every brand needs to stand for something meaningful and relevant to their customers. It’s easy to speak of superior customer service, but much harder to clearly define it, and then deliver on it. We were approached by J Stokes Agency on behalf of a private bank in San Francisco to help them do just this.panduan android

We started with secondary research and drawing from our rich pool of knowledge and reading. Then we set the scene for excellence in customer service with revealing examples of exceptional initiatives. This was followed by in-depth interviews with the bank’s key stakeholders, combined with workshops for all staff, to uncover desires, goals and barriers to success. The result was strong alignment across the corporation behind a clear customer charter, together with a newly differentiated strategic positioning for communications.

Services used:

  • Workshops
  • Focus Groups
  • IDI’s
  • Secondary Research
  • Strategic Consulting